Exploring The Chaos Theatre: A Tactical Multiplayer Module in Angelic

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5 min readOct 5, 2023

Angels in Training

We are drawing closer to the closed beta launch of The Chaos Theatre, a free tactical multiplayer module for Angelic. Like the base game, The Chaos Theatre is also a strategy-RPG set in a dark and collaborative sci-fi universe. Iset, the Mother, tasked Phoenix and his crew with traveling to a special place: a military training station known as The Chaos Theatre, where angels test their skills in ultra-realistic combat simulations.

Space is full of terror and tragedy, yet you must explore it. However, first, you need to prepare for what is to come. This is why the Chaos Theatre will serve as an excellent starting point for your journey in the dark and unforgiving universe of Angelic.

Visit Historic Battle Scenes, Utilize Your Environment, and Pursue Different Victory Types in the Raid Game Mode!

We have been busy implementing a new game mode called “Raid,” while also crafting three battlegrounds inspired by significant historic events in the lore.

Furthermore, we have introduced 2v2 team play and an advanced version of free-for-all modes!

Now, let’s delve into the raid mode. Players will be divided into two teams: Assaulters and Defenders. The primary objective will be capturing the Thundershark dropship (or defending it).

Xander stands guard by the dropship Thundershark. Battlefield: Angel Nest.

When the battle commences, each player selects a “captain.” The game will then initiate in real-time mode. You will have the freedom to roam and attempt to capture strategic locations or position your heroes in tactical zones. We refer to this initial phase as the “captain roaming phase.” Use it wisely, as it will conclude swiftly, and it can end even earlier if enemy heroes encounter each other before the time limit.

Once the captain roam phase concludes, the deployment phase begins. You can deploy additional heroes during deployment turns; however, be mindful of your energy resources, as they are crucial and limited. Currently, each hero deployment costs 30 energy, and you can generate only 5 energy per combat turn (meaning all heroes play once before another deployment turn begins). You can also gain 10 energy by eliminating enemy heroes. Nevertheless, the most reliable source of energy is capturing an energy station. We will discuss stations in more detail shortly.

Aurora explores in the captain roaming phase, sprinting to secure a nearby neo-human clone before the battle commences.

Victory Types

If the assault team can capture the Thundershark, they will achieve an “assault victory.” Defenders, on the other hand, need to endure while preventing attackers from capturing the ship until the end of the match (yes, there is a turn limit, a maximum time, for each game now). Should they accomplish this, they secure a “tactical victory.”

There are two additional victory types: “Annihilation victory,” signifying the elimination of all heroes on the enemy team, and “Domination victory,” indicating the capture of enough victory points.

Victory points can be obtained by capturing points of interest on the map. This leads us to another major feature we have implemented: Stations!


Several stations on the map can be captured by expending a certain amount of action points and energy. Remember, energy is a very scarce resource, which is also needed to deploy new heroes. Every decision has consequences!

Stations provide one victory point when captured, but that’s not all. Stations also offer additional benefits. Some provide new units like neo-human clones or synths, while others can even grant you a massive tank or AA gun to control! Some stations start generating energy for you. There are special stations that control Thundershark’s access, and the stations inside Thundershark’s cockpit area are the ones attackers need to capture in order to achieve the assault victory (so if you are a defender, protect them at all costs!).

Aurora seizes control of a console. In addition to the victory point, this station grants control over a nearby neo-human clone!

Environment and Zone Control

Remember, Angelic is not only an RPG, but also a strategy game. All heroes are quite distinct with their unique abilities and varying strengths and weaknesses.

What further complicates the combat is the factor of drop pods. Pods are not just vessels for heroes to arrive on the battlefield; they also provide numerous bonuses. Using them wisely is crucial. For example, Xander’s pod can repair your armor, while Daeva’s pod can damage nearby enemy shields while regenerating yours, and Seliné’s pod can provide bonus healing to her, whereas Aurora’s pod is essential for triggering her deadly Overwatch ability, which grants her a massive zone control power.

Rumbrogon strategically relocates his pod to a nearby spot, securing bonus regeneration in its proximity.

While utilizing pods, you must also consider the environment. Capturing and defending strategic stations can turn the tide of the battle, while redeploying your pods strategically to continue benefiting from their bonuses might save the day as well. Simultaneously, keep an eye on your satellite dishes; if the enemy can hack them, you can no longer deploy additional heroes, even if you have the energy for it.

Even More Variety is Coming!

Have you seen our heroes’ epic-looking skins? Well, know that these are not just cosmetic variations. Each hero skin brings different abilities, slightly altering the base hero. For instance, Phoenix’s “Revenant” skin has “firestorm” as a super ability, burning everybody around him, while his “Last Born” skin has “Combustion” instead, focusing on a single target, engulfing them in flames and applying continuous damage for multiple turns.

“Concept sketches for Aurora’s Dark Specter skin. All designs are stunning! (Please note that these are preliminary exploration sketches, not finalized concepts)

We will discuss hero variants and skins in more detail later.

Next Topic: Battlefields!

Our next blog post will introduce our battlefields: Angel Nest, Tempest Dam, and Forsaken Mine.

Stay tuned!



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