Introducing Angel Cores

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4 min readOct 18, 2023

As we prepare for the highly anticipated closed beta, allow us to introduce the Angel Cores, your gateway to the esteemed Council of the Angels — the powerful governing body of the Angelic universe. These cores come in four distinct types, each offering a unique array of privileges:

Neo-Human Core: This grants you immediate membership to the Council. Alongside this title, you’ll receive two additional hero skins of your choice. This core also unlocks “Angelic: The Dark Symphony,” the captivating single-player campaign mode. As another bonus, it bestows a special Discord role, providing early access to the Phase 2 Open Beta Round.

Neo-Human Core
Neo-Human Core

Gen-II Neo-Human Core: Elevating you to the title of “Senator” on the Council. This item comes with an exclusive Gen-II Neo-Human core — an exceedingly rare crafting material. On top of the Neo-Human Core benefits, you’ll gain three more hero skins of your choosing. This tier also encompasses Season Pass 1, entailing the initial two expansions of the base game. Additionally, you’ll receive a higher-tier Discord role, ensuring priority access to Phase 1 Open Beta.

Gen-II Neo-Human Core

Arch-Angel Core: As a “Councilor” on the Council, you’ll be entrusted with an Arch-Angel core, an ultra-rare crafting material essential for crafting new heroes. Building upon the benefits of the preceding tiers, this core brings five additional hero skins into your arsenal. You’ll also enjoy the Premium version of “Angelic: The Dark Symphony,” complete with all-season passes and a host of bonus items. In Discord, you’ll hold a distinctive role, granting you access to playtests of early development stage builds. Moreover, as an Arch-Angel, direct communication with the developers will be at your fingertips.

Arch-Angel Core

The Founding Angel Core: You are now a “High Councilor,” holding one of the highest honors in the Angelic universe. In addition to all the rewards from the preceding tiers, you’ll receive an astonishing ten extra hero skins of your choice. A lifetime pass to all future expansions and content updates for Angelic is included, solidifying your legacy within this universe. As a Founding Angel, you’ll wield unparalleled influence over the game’s development, with exclusive access to pre-alpha builds for testing and feedback. Your name will be immortalized in the game’s credits as a key contributor. As an added bonus, a unique commemorative item exclusive to Founding Angels will be yours to cherish.

The Founding Angel Core

To top it off, High Councilors will bask in the privileges of a VIP residence within the Nexus space station during their epoch period. Their retainer payment is the most substantial, and they will have access to the highly coveted “Founding Angel Core,” a vital component for establishing a DAO/Guild or triggering monumental construction projects in space. This is the epitome of dedication and support for the Angelic community.

Please note that all CoA members will receive token rewards, bonus items, and more surprises at the end of each epoch period.

The Angel Cores are not currently available for purchase and will always remain in limited supply. It’s important to note that they are not NFTs. However, it’s worth remembering that the items they unlock — such as hero skins, and crafting components — can be optionally converted to on-chain items and traded, if their owners wish to do so.

The exclusive method of obtaining these cores is by actively participating in community events, engaging as a Discord member, helping us spread the word about the game, and joining our play sessions. In essence, become an integral part of our Angelic community family to earn them!

For more in-depth information about the Council of the Angels, please refer to our litepaper. Together, we will shape the Angelic universe. Thank you for embarking on this journey!

Erkan Bayol

CEO & Founder — Metaverse Game Studios

Game Director — Angelic

Disclaimer: Please note that terms, conditions, and specifics are subject to potential changes leading up to the Council of the Angels launch. As we continue refining the design and mechanics, adjustments to core details may be necessary. Rest assured, any alterations impacting core rewards will be promptly announced and thoroughly updated. Thank you for your understanding and support.



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