Introducing Council of the Angels and the Angel Cores

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2 min readOct 18, 2023


In the expansive realm of the Angelic universe, or Angelverse, the Council of the Angels (CoA) presides as the guiding force, entrusting its governance to a distinguished few. Membership in the CoA is both a prestigious achievement and a solemn duty, bestowed upon those committed to the Angelverse’s prosperity. These esteemed members are instrumental in directing its future, ensuring the community’s efforts and dedication are recognized and rewarded.

Within the Angelverse, each epoch period, initially set at one month, marks a time of reflection and reward. While the Angelverse tokens and Community Points (CP) serve as tangible acknowledgments of community engagement and contribution, the benefits extend far beyond. From exclusive access to the Nexus Space Station’s quarters to the exhilaration of piloting fully customizable vehicles like the Roxana Sedan Coupe or A.N.A. Daemon, the rewards system is meticulously designed to honor active participation. The Angel Cores — ranging from the Founding Angel Core to Arch-Angel, Angel, and Neo-Human Cores — symbolize the diverse levels of achievement and support within our community, with rebasing of token rewards occurring every three months to ensure their value remains consistent and fair.

As the Angelverse continues to evolve, the CoA values every contribution, from governance to gameplay, as vital to our collective journey. This dynamic ecosystem thrives on the active involvement of its community, with each decision and action contributing to the fabric of the Angelverse.

For an in-depth exploration of our reward system, governance, and the various ways to engage with and benefit from the Angelverse, we invite you to consult our litepaper, Part 6: The Council of the Angels.

We will build, govern and play together.

Glory to Angelic.

Erkan Bayol

CEO & Founder — Metaverse Game Studios

Game Director — Angelic

Disclaimer: Please note that terms, conditions, and specifics are subject to potential changes leading up to the Council of the Angels launch. As we continue refining the design and mechanics, adjustments to core details may be necessary. Rest assured, any alterations impacting core rewards will be promptly announced and thoroughly updated. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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