Introducing Mobula Ray, a One of a Kind Tactical Fighter

Metaverse Game Studios
2 min readJun 8, 2022

As you may know, we recently shared a sneak peek of Mobula Ray, one of our stunning spaceships, in a Design Talks episode on the Angelic Youtube channel. If you missed it, you can watch the episode embedded at the end of the article.

We are thrilled to make a detailed reveal of Mobula Ray to our community in this article. Well, here she is. A beauty, isn’t she?

Engineered by Iset the Mother herself, Mobula Ray is a tactical medium fighter with cloaking abilities for super sneakiness. Her deadly arsenal includes energy weapons, tactical missiles, and flares. She has an Antimatter Drive and Ion Thrusters for mobility in the vacuum of space. The ship also has artificial gravity, a perk of being engineered by the Goddess.

Mobula Ray is primarily designed for escort missions and hit-and-run operations. It has two pilot seats and can accommodate six passengers. While off-duty, she remains docked in the hangar of her mother ship Osiris.

Mobula Ray reflects the design aesthetics of the Neo-Human race. Thus, it is elegant, sleek, minimalist, and organic in appearance, reflecting the Neo-Humans’ technologically advanced, high-tech spirit.

Mobula is a genus of rays in the family Mobulidae, and these majestic stingrays inspire the ship’s morphology and name. They can move very fast, and species of this genus are often referred to as “devil rays” or “flying mobula” due to their propensity for breaching spectacularly. To put it simply, they can leap through the air like glorious alien birds.

Mobula Ray is our first spaceship reveal, but more is coming soon. Follow us through our social media channels to be the first to see new cool designs and exciting reveals.



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