Introducing Odile the Dread Soprano Skin for Odile

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2 min readJun 20, 2022

Here we are with yet another first, the reveal of a skin for Odile, the only known Infested human who got to keep her consciousness. Marvel at the mind-shattering Dread Soprano, alluring and deadly.

This skin unlocks the Dread Soprano 3D skin for Odile in Angelic. Stay tuned to find out about the robust set of utilities this skin provides in a later reveal; you won’t be disappointed.

The Dread Soprano is only one of the many skin variations designed for Odile. Let us hint that all skins will be integrated into the game in 3D, fully playable, and of course, top quality.

But who is Odile, you may wonder:

Odile the Black Swan

Odile is an Infested Aisar. Was she Odette in her life as a ballerina and soprano before the Infestation touched her? We may never know. When the Infestation got to her, it altered her mind and body completely in mere minutes. The Infestation is phenomenally fast, and nothing can stand in its path.

Before her metamorphosis, she was an important figure as a soprano prima ballerina among the artistic milieu in one of the many human outer space colonies. Only the incredibly fortunate ones can still control their body and retain their consciousness after the Infestation takes them.

She is the only known case out of billions of infected humans. You may say she won the intergalactic lottery.

She is also a capable Aisar Caster, a witch, as humans call them. She does not speak, but it is unclear whether her ominous silence is a choice or if her voice was claimed by the Infestation.

One will feel terribly uncomfortable when their eyes meet Odile’s, as it is hard to withstand her cold, piercing gaze. If you can bear it, however, you may glimpse at the deep pain and enigmatic sorrow deep inside her. Her silent gaze and mesmerizing hymns tell a riveting story should you be bold enough to look and listen.

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