Introduction to Angelic Lore: Part 3

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2 min readMay 17, 2022

Welcome to the third part of our lore introduction series. In this part, we will tell you about the Infested, the damned of the Angelic universe.

The Infested

The Infestation came with the immensely dangerous, invasive, and infectious mushroom. It spread through incredibly fast “spores” ejected by the primary colony body. It spread fast and far.

Little is known about the origins of this terrorizing deep-space phenomenon. Its terrible effects, though, were well observed. The spores easily infect any living organism, effectively turning them into the extensions of the main colony. Many extraterrestrial civilizations were annihilated by it.

On extremely rare occasions, infested organisms may keep their consciousness and independence. Their form and physical attributes become irreversibly altered. Yet it is unclear whether there is any connection between them and the infested spore colonies.

The Infestation can rapidly envelop the entire surface of a planet. Xeno-biologists speculate that the spores primarily harness energy from radiation and heat sources such as light rays and geothermal wells. Spore colonies use most liquids (except freezing agents such as liquid nitrogen) as catalyzers. Therefore, putting infected tissues in contact with such fluids is ill-advised. Extreme cold can stop the spores temporarily, while conventional weapons, certain energy weapons, ais3, and powerful acidic solvents are effective against the infested organisms.

Still, the best defense against infestation is to keep away from it. Humans must keep the infestation away from their colonies, stations, and, most importantly, Earth. With a multitude of deep space colonies annihilated by the infestation, humans adapted and learned how to quarantine infested deep space territories and protect themselves from accidental infections.

The Infestation cannot infect Neo-Humans or synths but can still spread to cybernetic humans.



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