Odile the Black Swan in Full Glory: the Infested Dread Soprano Redesigned

Metaverse Game Studios
2 min readJul 5, 2022

We are excited to reveal Odile’s new, highly improved 3D model. We are grateful to our team for their hard work.

Now, the stage belongs to Odile the Black Swan! Our infested heroine was completely redesigned. The following in-game footage shows the stunning visual quality we are bringing to you with Angelic. We are happy to stand by our promise to deliver top-notch assets for our game.

From her delicate yet menacing black feathers to her majestic horns, every detail was doted on by our team until it was flawless. Also, we didn’t cheat, and the visuals are directly from the game, which we are very proud of.

Here is Odile the Black Swan, alluring and deadly in glorious detail:

We want our players to lose themselves in the complex narrative layers of the story and to enjoy vast details of the lore in the massive universe of Angelic. Thus, it is essential for us to show the stunning visual quality of our game with pure in-game graphics.

We hope you enjoyed seeing Odile’s epic redesign. Playing alongside such a majestic hero will be an amazing experience! As we mentioned, this is only the beginning of many exciting and ambitious reveals and announcements from our team. Follow us through our social media channels and be the first to see everything.

Still curious about Odile and the redesign process?

Please join us on the Angelic YouTube Channel this Friday, 8th of July at 18:00 UTC for the Inside Angelic Episode, The Metamorphosis of Odile: Designing the Black Swan. We will discuss Odile and her model’s redesign in great detail with our CEO Erkan Bayol and the Concept Artist behind her design, Batuhan Titiz.



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