Let’s Dive Into Crafting in The Angelic

We looked at the high-level elements of blockchain, what blockchain protocol works best for gaming, and why we decided to bring blockchain into the Angelic project. We wrote about how important the player experience is to the entire Angelic team and the critical factors are enhancing the time the player is spending with Angelic, and making blockchain part of the game, not just a side note. If it doesn’t make sense for the game or for the players we steer clear.

Now, crafting: In many games crafting is an essential part of the player strategy…and that is no different with Angelic, what makes us different is that crafting can also be one of the most lucrative activities our players can do in the Angelverse. Players can craft in-game items which they can then use to advance their game experience, rent to other players, or even sell unique items for a profit.

There are five branches in the Angelic crafting system of the game: Item crafting, hero training, vehicle building, colonization projects, and mega-projects.

  • Item crafting — This includes weapons and armor, hero skins, accessories, drop pods, pod customizations, ship cosmetics, space station components and more. Players can create unique items for fun and profit.
  • Meta Estates — Build and use, rent, or sell estates in the Angelverse. Store your gear there, make profits by creating unique locations that others want, the choice is up to you. Stake a claim on the Nexus and create a home you’ve always wanted.
  • Hero and Crew Member Training — While players can’t craft new heroes or crew members they can hire them via Nexus, alliances, other players, and guilds. When you train them by leveling up, customizing, enhancing, and modifying activities you create unique versions of these heroes which can be sold or rented to other players.
  • Vehicle Building — Create new and customized vehicles including carrier ships, dropships, fighter drones, and even mining drones which you can put into service or offer up to other players and guilds.
  • Colonization Projects and Mega-Projects — Huge projects which may require an upfront investment with your guilds. This includes entire starbases, landmarks, and even the discovery of rich new planets to tap into.

Each of the above will allow players to improve their play experience, or contribute to the community in a real and meaningful way.



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